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Pinned it! | Gardener’s Hand Scrub

30 Jan

 I love Pinterest.

It’s a great place to find ideas for crafts. That’s where I got the project I made today. I’m really excited about it, it was super easy to do.

This stuff is great. It rips through the grossest stuff you can get on your hands, like butter or mud. It also leaves your skin REALLY super soft. Someone on another blog compared it to a product you can buy from Mary Kay that’s rather expensive. I don’t know anything about that, but it’s kind of neat to think about how we can create this inexpensive alternative.

The original post from Pinterest took me here.

First you need three ingredients.

1.)  Olay Hand Renewal Dish Soap

2.)  White Sugar

3.)  A container

Gardener's Hand Soap 1

Next, you fill your container about ¾ full of sugar. It’s important that it’s white sugar because brown sugar will turn the scrub from a pretty pink to a brownish pinkish mess.

Gardener's Handsoap 2

Once you have the sugar in, just squeeze the dish soap in on top, stirring a little as you go. I think the best dish soap you can use is the kind with Olay Hand Renewal. It really does make a difference in how your hands feel after you wash them with the scrub.

I didn’t stir as I squeezed, so mine looks liquidy in the pictures below. Have no fear! After I mixed everything around it was the correct consistency.

Gardener's Handsoap 3

Isn’t that easy? I love the cute little jars I found to make these in. They’re the perfect size for giving. I’m thinking that with a little ribbon and a festive notecard I can hand these out as early Valentines. ❤

Gardeners Handsoap #4


Sweet and Silky Coffee Creamer

14 Jan

Yes, I made coffee creamer and put it in tea. :)

Yes, I made coffee creamer and put it in tea. 🙂

Sweet and Silky Coffee Creamer


I know, I know. This is the third post about food in a blog of about five or six posts, which is surprisingly not a food blog. Truthfully, I do more than eat all the time. Granted, it may not be much more…but still. I guess when I get busy with “life,” one thing I can still count on myself to do is create new/delicious culinary experiences.


Alas, at least this post is in regard to beverages. That’s almost not a food. Right….right?




Oh well. It’s already done.


This week I have 5 am training for a new initiative at work. That means that, not only do I have to get up bright and early at o’dark thirty to get ready, I also have to be functioning and cognitive while I complete my 10-hour shift. In a classroom. Where it’s warm. And conditions just happen to be perfect for napping.

When I finish at work, I drive an hour and a half and sit in a new classroom. On campus. From 5:30 until 9:45. Where it is also warm, and conditions are similarly suited for napping.


Oh, it is such a perilous combination.


But since I love my job and I want to keep it forever, it is really in my best interest to stay awake and absorb all that knowledge coming my way. And I should probably stay awake for school too.


My plan? Coffee. Not that it’s a highly original plan. But it’s what goes in the coffee that makes it special. The secret ingredient is delicious, homemade, sweet and silky coffee creamer.


This is the basic recipe that I used…


Homemade Coffee Creamer


1 small can sweet and condensed milk

1 ½ cups milk (use non fat if desired)

1tbsp Vanilla extract, or extract of your choice


Just put all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk them together. Then keep the contents refrigerated.



Isn’t that easy?


Now, because I am not capable of following such a simple recipe without giving it my own twist, I switched up the extracts a little. And I loved it. Instead of using just vanilla, I cut back a little and added a touch of almond extract and just a bit more than that of cardamom extract. (FYI, cardamom is ridiculously expensive. Unless you go to the Indian market up I-35 where I buy it. Then it’s suspiciously cheap. And still tasty. I don’t know why and honestly I’m happy not knowing.)


I sincerely hope this stuff gets me through the week. I am ready to learn in a no-doze-zone!


Does anybody else out there have a good recipe for homemade coffee creamer that they’d like to share? Or stay-awake-secrets? Or really cool places like the Indian market where they get expensive goods for pennies on the dollar? Let me know, I’d love to try them!