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New Year’s Reservations

11 Jan


I know, I know. It’s New Year’s resolutions.

I turned it into a play on words. Clever, don’t you think?

Late every December, right before January, the buzzing starts. Buzz buzz buzz. All the busy people looking foreword to slipping into their swimsuit bodies, getting out of debt, working on their portfolios, traveling abroad, etc. Of course, I am referencing the New Year’s resolution.

Well, this year, I am one of those people.

In the past I’ve been weary of the New Years resolution. To me, it’s like this bandwagon full of people dedicated to MORE stuff; more money, more admiration, more junk. They want “it” so badly they write it down and decide that finally this year they will be happy. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully.

If only.

I think it’s safe to say that most people do not follow through with their New Year’s resolutions. In fact, when I imagine myself making resolutions I am assuredly one of the ones who do not follow through. My life is cluttered enough without adding a list of borderline herculean tasks to the mix. The realist in me sort of chokes a little on the idea of trying to get six pack abs, achieving financial freedom, and sailing the seven seas. All in all, you could say that New Year’s resolutions strike me as a little cliché.

What happened to change my mind, you ask? Excellent question.

It goes back to all the clutter in my life. Here at The Colony (as I’ve deemed our little abode) we have a ton going on. Nathan is going back to school this spring, as am I. We both have full time jobs. We make every effort to get away when time and money allow, and we try new things and have new experience to enrich our lives. Really, we are extremely blessed. However, having too much of a good thing is bad for you.

I am making resolutions for 2013, despite my reservations, because I believe that less is more. This year, instead of making resolutions to gain extra stuff into our already disarrayed days, I want to cut the things that aren’t working in order to have more room for the things we already enjoy. No need to reinvent the proverbial wheel. I just want to tweak the design and make it better than it was before. By eliminating the things that aren’t working we’ll have time for the things we already know we enjoy, or have already been working toward. I think this will make the resolutions themselves more achievable, realistic, and timely given a year window.

Our 2013 “Less is More” New Year’s Resolutions

Less debt


  1. Affordably increasing payments towards money that has been spent before it was earned
  2. Adjusting our life style to be cognitive of wants versus needs
  3. Reviewing our current expenses and make reductions for unnecessary expenditures
  4. Avoiding adding any additional extras that will detract from the budget without adding to our quality of life (subscriptions, impulse purchases)


  • More money for other financial goals (buying a home, paying cash for our next vehicle)
  • More opportunity to pursue other hobbies (photography, home brewing, adding to collections)
  • More opportunity for random acts of kindness and generosity
  • More credit worthiness
  • More peace of mind

Less stress


  1. Practicing better time management by keeping dedicated student and home/work calendars or agendas
  2. Asking for help when needed
  3. Letting go of the “small stuff”
  4. Giving ourselves plenty of time to complete a task
  5. Being prepared (make lists, set time limits)
  6. Being flexible
  7. Celebrating small victories


  • More quality of life
  • More positive mental health
  • More health immunity
  • More energy

Less Food Junk


  1. Eating less foods from a box or a bag
  2. Shopping mainly in the produce section
  3. Buying less food in large quantities
  4. Drinking lots of water (something we are already very good at)
  5. Eating on a “schedule”


  • More health conscious diets
  • More energy
  • More opportunities to save on dining out
  • More opportunities to skip on empty calories
  • More vitamins, minerals, and fiber

Less Physical Junk


  1. Not buying unnecessary goods
  2. Taking care of our current possessions
  3. Reusing, repurposing, and recycling the things we already own
  4. Looking to remove unnecessary stuff from our home and work spaces -perhaps donate or give away
  5. Passing on unnecessary items even though they may be a “steal”


  • More room for things we really enjoy
  • More money toward things that are truly important
  • More time spent doing fun things instead of picking up clutter
  • More opportunities to creatively up cycle goods by doing crafts or projects
  • More space to breathe

There it is. My glorious list. My bandwagon ticket.

This is the first year I am really going to try to stick to New Year’s resolutions. I think that this method of adding to our lives by subtracting extras instead of adding them will really help me make our lives better in a meaningful and do-able way. Expect updates on how things are going. I need somebody to keep me on track!

Is anybody else out there doing New Year Resolutions, belated or otherwise? I bet yours don’t look so different that mine; generally speaking New Year’s resolutions tend to be predictable. I’m really curious if anyone has any weird or funny resolutions. If so, please share!

For those of you with resolutions, I’m right behind you. Good luck to us both.