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Writer’s Response | Date a Girl Who Writes

12 Jan

Hey all! This is a twin post from my other blog, tarabletales.wordpress.com . I thought I’d share it with you here, too! Happy reading. 🙂

Date a Girl Who Writes

Have you ever read, “Date a Girl Who Reads” by Rosemarie Urquico? If not, go here. In my humble opinion it is one of the best short pieces you can find out there. I love everything about it. This piece is a response to that, but instead of looking at dating through the lens of girls who read, I did mine on girls who write. I really wanted to imitate the voice and style of the original because it seems to be part of what makes the original so beautiful. Here it is, enjoy!

Date a girl who writes. She won’t be easy to spot. She will spend most of her time in the company of invisible friends. In far away places. Where it is quiet. Her world is nearly impenetrable to anyone who is not already in it. To make her see you, be a hero or be a villain, but especially be unique. Girls who write are always interested in unique characters.

Date her because she will drown your enemies in ink, and exalt your charm on paper. Because she can build a kingdom for both of you, where your widest dreams will come true. Date her because wherever she is nothing is impossible. Date her so you can share some part of her madness, and of her genius.

Do not bring her flowers. Do not bring her chocolates. Do not write bad poetry. Instead, buy her tea, and sit with her while she drinks it. Talk about her stories with her, even if she is reluctant at first. Never laugh, unless you ought to. Ask questions. Drink more tea. Do not interrupt her during a frenzy, even when she writes so quickly her words flow illegibly across the page.

Buy her nice pens and cheap notebooks.

Tell her your favorite stories, ask about hers. Read with her. A lot. When she gets mad, know that it is not at you. When she cries, let her. When she loses her notebook, tear the place a part to find it. (That is her real home.)

When she is rejected the first time, tell her it doesn’t matter. When she is rejected the tenth time, assure her these things take time. When she is rejected the hundredth time, buy her new pens and take her on a date to the bookstore, offer to buy her anything she wants. Take her to the drive-in, get there early and people watch. Take her to a museum; let her read all of the plaques.

Do not let her give up. Not because she has been rejected. Not because she has writer’s block. Not because she fantasizes about being ‘normal.’

Buy her a house with a fireplace and too many bookshelves. Let her fill them with her things, even if they aren’t books. Find her a used desk that faces a window. Make sure there is no Internet connection.

Do not get jealous when she falls in love with her characters, she will come back to you, always.

When she walks around the house looking aimlessly at wallpaper and out windows, don’t fret about it too much. Remember she isn’t seeing what you are. Let her wander. Politely remind her to sleep and eat.

Smile when you notice the ink stained fingers that intertwine with yours. Remember they cannot be treated as mere digits on a hand. Hold them in the most loving manner. Hold them tightly.

Don’t just date a girl who writes. Marry her. Give her children. Make a life with her. Give her your life and watch as she gives life to everything around her.

Never let her go.

Did you like it? I imagine that a lot of people have responded to this work before. If you know of any other good pieces, please let me know. I’d love to read them.