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Eats and Treats | Surprise Inside Truffles

15 Feb

Gosh, it’s a good thing that I need food to survive, because I certainly eat a lot of it. A little over a month ago I visited my mom in San Antonio. She made these tasty little treats for me. I have to say, they are wonderful. I think she got the recipe off Pinterest, but then she thought of adding the best part, the cherry!

It’s been a while since I made these. I took them to a Super Bowl party, if that tells you anything. Anyway, they are delicious, regardless of when you make them. I hope you enjoy!

Eats and Treats | Surprise Inside Truffles

8 oz. cream cheese

1 Pound Oreos

1 Jar maraschino cherries

1 Pound white chocolate

Step 1: Blend your Oreos until they are a powder. I did this in the blender. You don’t want huge chunks, but little ones should mix in okay.

Step 2: Take your Oreos and mix them complexly with the cream cheese. I would make sure that the cream cheese is room temperature and maybe even cut it into smaller pieces.

Step 3: After the Oreo powder and the cream cheese are combined, drain your cherries. It is really important that they are very, very dry. After they are drained spread them out onto some paper towels and then blot off any excess moisture by taking more paper towels and applying a little pressure to each cherry individually.

Step 4: Once your cherries are dry, pick out your favorite one. That’s the one you’re going to use to make the first truffle. Measure out 2 tbsps. of Oreo powder/cream cheese mixture. Using your hands, pack the mixture around the cherry, so that the cherry is in the middle. Place the ball on a tray or cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

Step 5: Repeat until you run out of cherries or Oreo powder/cream cheese mixture. Then, let the truffles chill for about 45 minutes in the refrigerator.

Step 6: While the truffles are chilling, use your favorite method to rig up a double boiler. Mine is to use the crock-pot to heat the water and put a small bowl in the crockpot water to melt whatever needs melting. When your rig is all set, melt the white chocolate in it.

Step 7: After the chocolate is melted and the truffle is chilled, bring them back out of the fridge. Using a fork, (or in my case, two) dip each truffle in the white chocolate and set it back on the tray lined with wax paper. If you want to decorate your truffle, now would be a fantastic time.

Step 8: Once the chocolate is set (you could chill the truffles again to speed up the process) put the truffles in an airtight container and keep them refrigerated until you’re ready to have them consumed!

My friend Amy came over while I was making these, so I have some pictures. Here they are, in no particular order!



IMG_1800 IMG_1801 IMG_1802 IMG_1803